MARTAN 2010 - 2019



- 7 -

Arrival... not the ABBA Album
Winter at the Lake House
There's a Bath somewhere calling my name - CELINE sneakers
Bed... Need I say More? 
The Bunker is where it is at
Rural Channels are the most captivating 
Bed the Sequel - ASSEMBLY LABEL jacket

July is a slow month. Maybe it is the Aquarian in me but like clockwork, it seems like everything slows down whether it be Work, Temperature and more importantly my Creativity. Babe and I took the first week off and escaped to the country; Daylesford to be specific. Famously known for their mineral springs, we left the big city for life in the bush. Trading up for to the quaint modscape, seclusion, and a fireplace were the drawcards and entertainment. What better way to recharge than to be surrounded by nature and its simplicity.