When do you ever stop and simply wind down? Away from a screen, distractions... the world?

Two years ago I was gifted the gift of a float... sounds weird right? 60 minutes of just that and nothing else. Floatation Tanks have been around for hot second. The premise is that it offers you a sensory deprivation experience whilst you float in a temperature controlled tank filled with salty water. And by salty water, I'm talking thousands of pounds of salt. It is this salt is what creates the float. The large amount of salt makes the tank so dense that anything floats. I like to float a handful of times a year, just to decompress and relax. Sometimes it's not as simple as going to the beach, so a 60 minute float can help. Especially these days as I tend to find myself on a plane far more than I ever expected.

So what does it feel like? 
You generally start off with 5/10 minutes of music or guided meditation. You have the option to leave the tank open or closed as well as having the tank's interchanging lights on or off (yes the tank comes with those coloured lights) Once the soundtrack is done, you're left to it. Personally, I turn off the lights and float. It takes a while to tune out. Your mind takes a while to get used to the darkness, not to mention that floating on your back without having to tread water is oddly gratifying. There is an overall sense of peace which is gratifying, by tuning out the world's noises. If you ever wondered how it would feel to be weightless or to fly, then a floatation tank is the closest thing to it. Once you get over the sensations you are free to drift... I

If you ever want to check out and you need something to force the phone or the thoughts out. Try a float

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