relax - it's a mood

After a year of work/study robot survival mode, the idea of a long holiday was more of a necessity than anything. Time to check out and wind down... in Thailand. Pattaya, Bangkok and Phi Phi Islands for 10 days. Just Babe, Me and the Beach... and a Cocktail... or two... or... who needs to count?!

Sometimes you need to take a break whether you work hard/play hard or just need a sea change. Jumping on a plane (maybe super fast forward that) putting on a hydrating face mask and getting comfy by the pool or in hotel robes; bougie at its finest. In between the bougie you get the opportunity to soak in time, review and reconnect.  

So whilst in Thailand, make sure to Eat Local (but be wary of the stray dogs), check out a 7/11 for all of the Thai specific yummies (namely the ice creams), visit a handful of Bars (ideally one with a roof for good measure), indulge in Mango Sticky Rice (everyday... not even kidding or ashamed), wander around the markets (whether outdoor or indoor when it's too hot), Swim in the Beach (get used to the warm water), cure Spicy Spicy Food with a Cold Beer and don't forget to smile, bow and enjoy! You're in Thailand!

F A C E B O O K  -  I N S T A G R A M  -  P I N T E R E S T  -  T W I T T E R  -  T U M B L R  -  Y O U T U B E