I have the luck to be able to travel to Paris for work... cue the sad violins and sobbing. All jokes aside, a quick 24 hours, 2 flights and I'm on the other side of the world... for slightly longer than it takes to fly there and back... again jokes aside. Once the plane touches down at Charles de Galle you forget all of the travel and the majority of the fatigue and you are in Paris. Even when I landed just in time to enjoy a 35-degree heatwave. 

Now there's no point on giving food or sightseeing tips, so I thought to myself what/where do I go without fail, and that's the French Pharmacie. 

Europe is expensive, but there is one area that you can splurge without breaking the bank; the humble French Pharmacie. Though a lot of these brands are now widely available, they can be overpriced or quite rare to find. I don't really tend to buy products from my local Australian pharmacy but in France, everything seems to attractive to try and buy. I find with each trip I'll try some new things and then stockpile any favourites, because when it's halfway around the world to get another you don't want to run out too quickly. 

Here are some of the products I picked up to try from my last trip in late June (Reviews to come):

CICABIAFINE Multi Repair Balme - I've heard good things
KLORANE Dry Shampoo - Long Hair Woes
AVENE Lip Balm - It's a Lip Balm... need I say more
BOIRON Homeoplasmine Cream - I've heard good things
EMBRYOLISSE Lait Creme - A Classic, Huge bottle and Cheaper in France
LEONOR GREYL Hair Oil - Long Hair woes... The Sequel
A313 Cream - Vitamin A Cream I've heard good things
LA ROSCHE POSAY Anthelios XL - There should never be a question behind Suncare 
KLORANE Shampoo - Long Hair Woes... The Trilogy
CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir - A Classic 
BOIRON Homeostick Lip Balm - Because my Lips say 'It's a Lip Balm'

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