The first world struggle of being pool/beachside all day is making sure you maintain a healthy level of hydration. Water bottles and SPF are non-negotiables but there's always a little bit extra you can do to keep cool. This mini KMART nylon backpack is my swimming bag. It is just big enough to carry my swimming towel, goggles, and pass. On holiday however it doubles as an everyday bag, durable and weatherproof. Not to mention easily replaced if any damage or loss occurs. One of the best things on holiday is trying to things like a jazzy pair of ASOS visor sunglasses to add a good bit of reflection against the sun. Staying dare I say moist out and about is important for both Face and Body, I douse myself SUKIN hydrating spray which is gentle and refreshing without any nasties that would dry out my skin. Lastly after misting whats better than applying some FRUIT OF THE EARTH aloe vera gel. Whether you got a little bit too much sun and you're red or just because you want to cool down with a light gel I always have a tube of aloe with me whenever I'm in the warmer climates. 

How do you stay hydrated and fresh??
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