A new year, a new decade 

As I embark on new resolutions for 2020, I reflect on the resolutions I made in 2019. To be more active, read more, involve myself in whatever I enjoy than what others do and finally to continue to be unapologetically me. Something which is a constant climb, but something that I took toward in all aspects; work, relationships, socially and even to myself. Getting older to realizing that what my differences are what makes me... well me and though I want to grow being 100% with my canvas is paramount. 

There is nothing more fresh than starting the year without a job. Having resigned from my Brand Manager role at the end of 2019, I chose to start 2020 with a blank slate. Adulting has never seemed so real. This decade the balance shifts, from ‘brand new firsts’ to ‘second or third time around's’. Refining based off experience rather than jumping into the same hoops, well that’s the hope at least. 

This year I want to further cultivate my inner peace/soul/essence. It sounds a bit hippy and 'goop-like', but over the past few years, it has become something I cannot deny. I used to believe that the many hats we wear would help each other out or match with a stereotype. Great career matched no Social Life, or Great Social life made up for a Boring Career. Not saying I want the kitchen sink, but I now believe that every aspect of life has to be a focus. You can’t just have one great thing and accept the mediocre or expect it to catch up with any effort. Denying yourself that balance only affects... well you. Growing gratitude with all efforts to ensure quality. Value equals effort in my Book. 

2020 also marks 10 years blogging (yes I still use the term blogging) it is crazy to think and see the content I first created; as my travel diary. The experiences I’ve been able to have simply because I’ve taken photos or have shared my words out for all to see. For this year I’ve put up photos representing each year from 2010 till 2019, if you click them you can see the content from each year. There’s been a lot of outfits, hairstyles, thoughts and discoveries. And though there are cringe-worthy poses, catchphrases and dare I say deep moments, they are what has shaped my past decade. 

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