throwback : 2.10.14


2nd October 2014, Osaka Station City, Osaka, Japan

Can you tell I'm dreaming of Japan? This was taken outside the Osaka Station City, who knew that a train station could look so fancy modern for photos. This photo is one of those shots where I'm too far away to direct the shoot. Literally, I'm on a balcony and my Mum is above on the ground entrance. Nevertheless, it is one of my favourite shots in Osaka.

  • I was BOILING. October is Autumn in Osaka, but the weather turned out to be more Summer like. I'm wearing a long ASOS sweater like a dress with stockings. The sweater had no give so I felt like a bug in a rug... a very hot rug. Needless to say, this look only lasted half day.
  • This is the first time I wore a Dress look in public. I liked the idea of looking like a black futuristic Gumby in Japan. I didn't feel too out of place, other than it was hard to walk in. 
  • The balcony I'm standing on overlooks a large fountain staircase. I liked the mix being in the heart of Osaka city with various sources of flowing water. A nice balance.
  • That clutch bag I have is actually a bag of chips I turned into a bag. Whenever I'm out I have to be conscious that people don't think it's trash. 
  • I'm wearing my Adidas x Rick Owens sneakers. They are from his first drop. I love the black and white with the large pillow sole and edges. I don't get to wear them much anymore... I broke the side cushion (cue cryface) but I still have them, hopefully, I'll get them fixed.