throwback : 28/7/13

28th JULY 2013, Home, Melbourne

As simple as this photo is, there are many lessons learnt. This was taken at home in the backyard. Luckily my family home has plenty of outdoor areas with different backdrops, other than a classic brick wall. 

  • I found out I was allergic to Pumpkin Seeds. How did I find out? I had researched that pumpkin seeds were a great high protein snack (at the time I was hell-bent on getting fit and masc... oh the naivety) So in true form, I bought a big bag of seeds and they were my daily snack. As I was eating said seeds I started to feel rather warm, especially my face. Cut to 10 minutes later until I realise this heat isn't normal I head to the bathroom and BAM my face is red and swollen. I wish I stopped after a handful of seeds, but alas no. Cut to I was fine, just a lot of ice and time off to let the swelling subside. This was the first set of photos I took after the reaction. My cheeks and under eyes are slightly red and puffy, but over a filter, you can hardly tell.
  • In 2013, Givenchy was the shiz. Ricardo Tisci's Givenchy was at its height of popularity and I had started to collect pieces whether it be shoes to clothing to accessories. On the runway models had these tusk looking piercings and I thought they looked editorial and downright cool. I was sold... twice. I got a set of Givenchy Tusk/Horn Earrings. I was keen to understand how they worked as models surely couldn't get large piercings just for a runway. So I learnt that the tusks feature a large magnet on either end that allow them to stay in place on the ear. I also learnt that when two strong magnets are pushing against thin ear cartlidge a pain like no other occurs. But hey who said fashion was comfortable?
  • That ring isn't a ring, its a hex nut from bunnings. Well, I assume it was from bunnings. It served as a pretty cool statement ring. Other than the fact that it was thick stainless steel so I would always bang it against things not to mention it was rather heavy.
  • Going blonde for 4 years sounds expensive and a nightmare. It was a bit of a nightmare but I admit it wasn't too expensive. I don't recommend it but I bleached my hair myself (and cut my own hair) so I learnt that the humble cap is a great way to hide regrowth, or when you are waiting for your newly cut hair to grow back.