It's all a Game of Chance
Whether you've lucky of not

shirt: COS / Culottes: UNIQLO / bag: CHANEL (s) 
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It's all about chance. Chance encounters, timing and opportunities. There can be 100 people in the room and you just need one person to recognise the magic you hold. Waiting on the chance to be seen and the opportunity to flourish. I am in a special place, where I am old enough to know how I want to contribute and capable of followthrough and learning. Whether when it is applying for jobs, looking at new opportunities or the simple future, I am trying my best to have faith in the chance to be seen in that crowd will happen. I believe in the balance between taking and receiving when it comes to life. When I can grab what I want I do, and when I know I have to be patient to receive then I sit on my hands awaiting my turn. It can be a cruel game that can drive your last nerve, and being an Aquarius I have learnt to breathe and let things flow as best as I can.

The most I can do is have my best foot forward and believe in chance. Whether it is relationships, work, hobbies or even the lottery, it all comes down to chance. The most you can do is buy a ticket to get in the game.