MARTAN 2010 - 2019








ACNE STUDIOS bladen boot

I like shoes, what can I say. Though now I am more conscious of my own practical usages rather than a trend. Now this does not mean I am reaching for orthopedics or Birkenstocks (no shade to those who do) I want to buy things I will actually wear, whether it be practical in that it is well made, not too precious or simply because it is very me. When it comes to shoes, believe it or not, I do not like laces or buckles. Why? I don't know, I never have taken too fondly for them. I simply like to put my boot into a boot and zip or squeeze in and go. My favourite shoes are my RM Williams Boots, so much so that I have a few pairs. Because if it works, buy it in every colour... well so to speak. 

UNBOXING: I love the two-tone sole with the textured black accents. The boot leather is matte smooth, whilst the sole is a thick rubber. They are of average boot weight, though they are chunky they are not too heavy to be comfortable.  
THOUGHTS: I got a size EU 42, and happy I measured correctly because the sole wraps around the front of the shoe, so even with the leather stretching, the rubber will maintain it's the length. I do wish the boot tugs were bigger. Even with my thin fingers, I struggle to put them on. Right now the leather is stiff and will need to be broken in, but no added discomfort aside from that. 
BUYERS REMORSE?: NONE. I'm really happy with these boots as a casual daily boot. Sometimes you need something just a little bit fancier than the norm.