This is my current Nighttime Routine 

I find that I have more time in the nighttime for a longer routine. It doesn't necessarily more products, but it's nice to slow down the process to enjoy the self-care moment. The purpose of this routine is to clean and restore for the night. After a long day, I want to feel refreshed for home and most importantly for bed!

1) the CLEANSE 
Hylamide Efficiency Face Cleaner 

I prefer to cleanse in the shower, I'll apply this oil like cleaner onto my face and then buff it in with my Foreo. The oil turns milky upon application with water and has enough slip to let me massage and further cleanse with the Foreo. If I cleanse by the sink, I like to use a washcloth to clean off my face.

2) a DEVICE 
NuFace Mini Facial Toner

Ideally, I would use my NuFace 2-3 times a week. NuFace is a facial toner that uses microcurrent to stimulate the skin when used regularly After cleansing, I'll use some hyaluronic acid gel to allow the NuFace to conduct on my face. Focusing on my jawline and cheeks. Whilst using the NuFace I get a slightly metallic taste, but I feel like it's good to know that something is happening.


3) an ACTIVE
The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane or The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension

A few drops of Retinol or Vitamin C at night. I spread it on my palm and pat it onto my face. I don't like to drop/squeeze directly on my face, just to make sure that the product is even. The Retinol is slightly yellow and it's thin in texture so it's easy to apply. The Vitamin C is thin white consistency, I apply this lightly as I find when I rub too hard it can start to pill.

Niod Survival 0

Once the ACTIVE is absorbed I'll go in with Survival 0. Survival 0, in short, is an antipollution serum. So I think of this as my sunscreen for the night... if that makes sense. One pump in the palm, rub and pat. 

5) the FINISH
CeraVe Facial Moisturiser

A clean moisturiser, I finish my routine with this CeraVe facial moisturiser. I like that this is a simple formulation that isn't too rich and is in a quick and easy pump.