I am not a dermatologist, expert or guru. However I do have a Face, Skin, Hair, etc... so that makes me a consumer at least. With the mounds of products I want to try and then consequentially buy, I do get to points where I look back and wonder 'was it worth it?'. This is my Edit on products that I either think are GreatSo So and Not for Me. Do not get offended if there's something I don't like that you like, we all have different Faces, Skin, Hair, etc... These are my honest thoughts on the Claims of each product...

There are Skincare products and then there are Skincare Tools. This is the next step in a skincare routine; is the more of a luxury than a must-have. I started to collect tools and devices based on my desired skin outcome. To aid in cleansing, tightening or simply something fun to try. Tools and Devices can be quite pricey so if you are looking to purchase any of these below, here are my thoughts that may or may not help you take the plunge. 

NUFACE mini facial toning device 
Claim: Lift, tighten and define the face with this on-the-go microcurrent treatment
Thoughts: I saved up for a long time before wanting to commit to this. Being over $300AU it's enough to buy an entire skincare routine. When I am good I use this daily, then to every second day to ensure results. You don't any true results if you don't use it consistently. After cleansing, I apply a good amount of hyaluronic acid gel to allow the product to slip and swipe in an upward motion around the jaw and cheeks until the NuFace switches itself off. The NuFace does work, but it is something you have to consistently do.  
Verdict: This is one of those devices that you have to give a damn to use to get benefits, and you pay a lot to do so. It also comes with some ongoing costs as you need a serum to be able to allow some slip. Don't waste your time if you don't want to give your time to this regularly. 
gua sha tools
Claim: Gua Sha is a Chinese massage technique designed to relieve tension in the muscles of the face, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to banish bloat. 
Thoughts: Gua Sha tools are cost-effective tools which allow for easy facial massage. I tend to use this after my routine, instead of tapping into the skin, I use that Gua Sha tool all over my face, jaw and neck. It is like a light scrape against the skin, always up or across, never down. My skin goes red after 5-8 passes, but it subsides after. 
Verdict: Gua Sha is an easy tool to use for massage and drainage. The best thing is to choose a Gua Sha which suits your face shape and the areas you want to target. Whether it does anything amazing or not, it is a firm facial massage that I enjoy daily. 
Claim: Made from natural Cactus (Tampico) plant bristles which have been uniquely cut on a smooth angle to hug the body, providing a luxurious, premium dry body brushing experience while removing dead skin cells without scratching the skin.
Thoughts: I use this before I showering... when I remember. I find it easier in the summers to use it. They say to brush up and towards the heart in aiding circulation and light exfoliation. It is an interesting feeling to get used to. It is like a light scratching, it doesn't hurt but it isn't a cuddly feeling.
Verdict: I like the self-care aspect of this, beginning my wind-down shower routine. It's a sensation to get used to but whether it helps with drainage or not, it is a nice ritual of sorts to strip off from the day. 

CLARISONIC plus sonic cleansing system
Claim: The Clarisonic removes dirt and oil better than with traditional manual washing
Thoughts: This was my first skincare device. It came with facial brushes as well as a body brush attachment. This was before the device category is what it is now. I used it every night in the shower, both face and body. Over time I found that the facial brush was too harsh so I kept it as a body brush until it stopped working four years after. 
Verdict: When I bought this it was all the rage, but fast forward to now with the variety of options and price points this product is now rather expensive for what it does. These days I would only use it as a body brush than for the face, in that case, it is a very expensive body brush. With the added costs for replacement brushes. 
SKIN & STORM rose quartz roller
Claim: Promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation, this face roller will also work to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to combat puffiness and water retention. Made from Rose Quartz, this stone represents unconditional love, opening the door to all types of love, including love from ourselves. 
Thoughts: This is one of my 'wake up' tools. I keep this in the fridge and use it in the morning or whenever I want to cool down and or wake up my face. 
Verdict: This a luxury rather than a necessity. I could use an ice cube or a Gua Sha for a massage, but it is a nice self-care product rather than a must-have. Not to mention it's pretty!
FOREO luna mini 2
Claim: A three-zone cleansing device that eliminates impurities while remaining gentle on skin.
Thoughts: I use this every day. The silicone bristles are gentle and considered cleaner than a brush head. I use this with my cleanser every night to massage and cleanse my entire face and neck. Since it's waterproof I can even use it in the shower and the best thing is that a single charge lasts for over a year.
Verdict: This is my favourite tool due to its ease. You don't have to charge it every day, it uses strong T-Sonic vibrations and it helps to clean and maintain my skin.