Do you believe in Magic?
I do

(s) = Similar

There's a story. I saw this amazing puff cropped blue bomber jacket on Instagram 2-3 years ago and it was love. How could someone design a jacket with all of my favourite things: blue, denim, cropped and texture. I instantly took a screenshot the image so I could have a reference to start my research on who, what and how I could get it. (And before you ask, yes I left a comment and I scrolled through the other thousand comments of people asking what the brand was or where he got it from) With no response to my comment and nothing from my countless google searches, I thought best to let it be. Every now and then I would see this image in my camera roll reminding me and slightly taunting me, this mystery had to be solved. Every few months I would revisit the now-removed post to see if there were any updates or tags but alas none. A months later I cracked the code my wordsmith and found it online, it was a collaboration between Virgil Abloh from Off White and denim brand Levis. I was thrilled... only to be shot down seconds after as the collection had sold out years ago Never one to lose a challenge I trawled on the reseller sites in hopes that someone would be one up... there was not. I took solace knowing that I at least knew designed it and put it in my forever mood board. Months pass and I hit the jackpot, having randomly searched the jacket again I found a seller. Now I'm not the fastest person in the world, but when I put my mind on something I want I'm like roadrunner *cues fast cloud of dust*. I carried the jacket all the way back from Europe in my already overfilled suitcase. And now, years later it is safe hanging in my wardrobe. 

Now some of you might not call this magic or anything special. But to me, this story reminds me of so many stories of desire, perseverance and reward. And to me that is magic. That no matter what goal or idea you have in your mind that with time, a bit of hard work and annoyance, magic can happen. Not every time because where is the fun in that. But there are those moments when you can't even explain how or why things work and you've got something you only thought you would have as an image in your camera roll. 

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