This is my current MORNING Routine 

I have much more time for my Morning Skincare Routine.. more time than I've ever had. The luxury of time allows for my morning routine to really wake me up for the day ahead more so than ever. I hope that once everything transitions back to normal I'll be able to hold onto this routine... it probably means I'll need to wake up earlier. 

My skin is pretty good at the moment, my normal/combo skin is in doing well under quarantine. Constant snacking has led to minor blemishes and cracking up the heater is making my skin a tad drier than normal. Here is my routine:

1) to TONE 
HYLAMIDE pore flush

I don't cleanse in the morning, I simply wash my face with water. So my first step is to Tone. This toner helps with pore size and sebum production. I spray my face with this toner and pat till dry. 2-3 sprays does the job.


2) an ACTIVE
HYLAMIDE SubQ skin serum or NIOD copper amino isolate serum

SubQ is an overall cocktail of ingredients whilst the copper serum is targeted for skin health. I alternate between the two. 4 drops or 1 squeeze, pat and spread upwards on face and neck until dry.

THE ORDINARY niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% 

Weirdly enough, even though a lot of my skincare products have niacinamide in them I still like to boost it further with some more niacinamide. This helps with those minor blemishes and mild redness. One squeeze spread upwards and pat dry. 

PETER THOMAS ROTH water drench hyaluronic hydrating cloud eye gel

I'm not an avid eye cream/gel person. If they are too heavy it can affect my eyes or doesn't absorb well. This gel helps to plump and hydrate eyes, and I don't get any of those nasty side effects. I dab my fingers twice in the pot and spread upwards on each eye. 

5) the FINISH
CERAVE Facial Moisturiser

Like my evening routine, I use the same moisturiser. It is considered a 'PM' moisturizer but I like it as a seal to leave my skin plump and dewy throughout the day. One pump and I spread upwards on the face and neck.

GUA SHA tool

For some reason, I like to gua sha after applying all my products with the hope that the message will help it further absorb in. 8 passes on the jawline, cheeks, cheekbones, forehead and neck. 

GLOSSIER invisible shield

It's not done until SPF is applied. I like the light texture and clear nature of this SPF. It also has a very light citrus scent instead of that classic thick sunscreen scent. 6 pumps spread upwards on the face and neck.