A unisex mixture of fashion - Meet Y/PROJECT

Experimental silhouettes with extreme proportions and daring cut-outs, Y/PROJECT of today is the product of Belgium designer Glenn Martens. The brand was actually was founded in 2010 by Yohan Serfaty and Gilles Elalouf as an independent label. From my research, the brand started with menswear with Rick Owens/Ann Demeulemeester alternative vibe. Designer Serfaty died three years later which left the brand in limbo until the appointment of Marten in 2013. Martens was a graduate of the Royal Academy of Antwerp, moving to Paris to work under Jean-Paul Gaultier, he served as an assistant to Serfaty in this time which led to his appointment as creative director for Y/PROJECT. The brand evolved under Marten's leadership with the introduction of colours and womenswear in 2014. Signatures were revised to gender-neutral and taking a twist on very conventional attire. Classic denim is exaggerated and has cut-outs, proving that you can reinvent the wheel into something great. Martens has managed to successfully forge a distinct design aesthetic amongst the many designers who put twists on the norm.