Two people look at an abstract piece of art. One sees a Donkey whilst the other sees a Plane.
Who is Right?

(s) = Similar

I like to think of life like the above analogy. Things tend to always have various meanings and values. Right or wrong isn't the point instead, it is the acknowledgment that we all see things slightly differently. That one person's masterpiece is another person's point of disgust and that's just fine. What we see is something far more important to what is intended or what the rules specify. It comes down to the value, whether you can see it with your eyes or not, it's all about the value that your mind gives to it. The bliss of minimalism, gender, or those fancy-ass Prada sneakers, we can get caught up in labels and or trends to where we don't even see or know what is actually in front of us. Maybe it's a combination of past acid trips and meditations, but I always tend to march at the beat of my own drum and try to see into things. Ikea instructions are not helpful and conventions just don't tend to shine in my eyes. Sometimes I feel like the things I'm passionate about can seem rather superficial or unnecessary to some, but I see so much more. I see an ever-developing story. A visual vocabulary of sorts, an experience soon to be a memory. Fun in expression and experimentation. Individuality and a voice. Sometimes I do forget, but every time I see and feel it I am reminded why. When I'm creating content or simply wearing an outfit that makes me feel great. I see.