I'm feeling Cold...

When I first moved out to my first apartment I was living my SATC dreams. Small but space of my own, packed with clothes, shoes and magazines everywhere. In winter I lived in loose oversized jumper and underwear; the full fantasy of chic Flashdance minimalism. Cut to five years later. It is winter and as I'm typing this I am wearing a t-shirt, turtleneck and shearling jacket on top and underwear and track pants on the bottom. Those sassy minimalistic dreams are over. They say that when you get older you start to feel the cold more. Either that or the tolerance to wear nothing whilst freezing to death is non-existent. All of the tolerance was spent in that old apartment and going out clubbing in a t-shirt and short shorts. I am all about cultivating warmth. As someone who lacks meat on the bone larger than life pieces are helpful in shielding against the cold whilst cultivating heat. Who said being warm and comfortable can't be stylish?

source: pinterest