Melbourne is in another Lockdown 
Another 6 weeks to go

(s) = Similar

It is crazy to believe that nearly half of 2020 has been under some lockdown or restriction due to the COVID pandemic. The first lockdown happened in March when I came back from Bright, and now a second lockdown has been imposed to help curb the increasing trend of cases. 2020 you've been real. The initial 6-week lockdown was a welcomed challenge. Books to the ceiling, a list of unwatched TV Shows and a lingering to-do list of random chores helped to keep me occupied. But with this next lockdown, what's next? The TV Shows are watched, the To-Do is now To-Done. How does one unemployed 29-year-old unicorn stay sane in the next 6 weeks? 

I am a Homebody. I have turned that corner in life where I feel comfortable spending time at home, especially in the winter. Heater, blanket and cuddles and I am one Happy Clam. But with another six weeks of lockdown, even the most homely of homebodies starts to wonder whether its greener on the other side. The challenge this time is how to keep myself mentally occupied and challenged. Having adopted a mild exercise routine early on, this time I'm focusing on my mental health to ensure that I don't go stir crazy. Watching TV and playing Pokemon Go can only sustain a healthy mind for so long before it goes to mash... and not the yummy kind. You know that stale feeling that you get when you're in a dull job or not doing something you want; I'm trying to avoid that perpetuating for 6 weeks+. 

I have started to explore some new hobbies. Nothing life-changing or crazy just new outlets to get my hands dirty and exploring my creativity. There are only so many times you can recognise your clothes and skincare that you aren't using at the moment. I am also cooking much more than I ever have, getting family recipes and cooking them and tweaking them till I'm satisfied. I am lucky to also have this blog as an outlet as a medium for self-care and creativity.

The biggest thing that will help to keep me sane is to make plans. I am not the best with making plans, being a believer in the fluidity of life. Having future ideas and plans helps to contextualise this moment because this is just a blip in time which will pass. Plans that were for 2020 are being recycled whilst others are being shelved make way for new ideas. Regardless of how you spend the time in lockdown, it is the gift time and it is at our disposal to fill and plan. So whether you're like me and need to be more conscious with filling time with hobbies, more books and self-reflection, I believe the challenge is not if we get out of lockdown but how we made it through.