Air + Rubber
= Magic

Poodle, Monkey, Rabbit & Dog

I have this memory when I was a young child, I was at a friend's birthday party and they had a guy who made balloon animals. I had never seen someone manipulate a balloon into a different shape before; I was in awe. The guy made me a balloon poodle with a fancy tail which you pump to make it bigger. He was a pretty cool guy in my book. Honestly, I don't remember him or the party much other than the joy of having that balloon, taking it home and for it to slowly deflate in the coming days. Cut to many years later, at the end of my fashion course having learnt a new skill I thought to myself, What's Next?

When I think of hobbies, for years I have seen the blog as my number one. It has various aspects of creativity but at times it doesn't have a tangible product. Now with my new skills in clothing and pattern production, I like the idea of using my hands to create things for fun. It's a lot easier and cheaper to start balloon modelling than clothing production... shocker I know. Luckily good old K-Mart has a starter kit with balloons and a pump, and couple that with an internet connection I'm set!

I like the idea of sharing joy and a sense of fun. The boyfriend doesn't like balloons, but I see this more of a thing for nieces and nephews really. It's a rather intricate and sometimes anxious exercise, blowing and twisting air in a rubber balloon. There have been a few times when the balloon has indeed popped in my face... all a part of the learning experience. This hobby isn't something I'm dying to be professional at, but I like the fun ability to make a smile just with a balloon and air.