lip service : bubblewrap


FACT: Lip care is a guilty pleasure, I'll try a $5 to a $60 one in the name of plump hydrated lips.


Claims: A silky eye + lip cream that hydrates your face’s two most delicate areas

Thoughts: Bubblewrap is unique from any lip product I've tried before. The component is rather large being around 7cm.. a bit big for the pocket. The texture is very thin, more like an eye cream consistency than something for the lips, so it takes a while to get used to it. 

Worth It? Repeat?: This is a tricky one. It comes down to the practicality of using the product. The product is around 10cm tall, so it's rather large for a pocket. I like the thin formula, but I'm not a fan of the pump and then applying with your fingers, especially if you're out and about (so post lockdown) I prefer it more as an eye treatment due to the ease having in the bathroom. 

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