What is important to you?

On the slider from right and wrong where do you sit?

(s) = Similar

Lockdown has got me diving into myself, understanding more of what I believe to be important. Yes, sunshine and the beach first come to mind but equality and diversity also pop up in a different lane. Nowadays we are driven by aesthetic to create content that is aspirational and pretty, but I’ve come to ask myself what about the other things? If it is something I deem important than where is the content, the conversation and the representation? 

There comes a point where a line is drawn. For a long time, I’ve had lines drawn, but I’ve never shown it. I celebrate the commonalities but confronting the clashes? Never, it’s best left unsaid. I have long struggled with confrontation. I have never been in enough of them to be familiar with how to deal with them. But now, under another pandemic lockdown, I am faced with the luxury of getting to know myself and realizing that the lines I draw are the most important things and should be communicated more. 

I have always found solace in writing down my feelings. Being vague or ambiguous, allowing for various interpretations. It is how I have done it for now 10 years, it’s how I express myself. But I’m also going to make the choice of being more vocal about things that matter in my life. They say the world works on the law of attraction and I want to use my voice to join in making positive actions happen somehow. 

What is important to you? 

What are the things you Stand For?