where? : TOKYO

A Holiday anyone??

So one of my major plans for 2020 was to travel... Anywho, thanks to COVID-19 travel international travel doesn't seem to be on the cards for a long while. A lot of my plans are now on pause visiting China, New Zealand, Thailand but MOST IMPORTANTLY JAPAN!! (insert cryface emoji). In 2021 I turn the big 3-0 (cues for applause, grasps and cries) to celebrate I was planning to go back to Japan and visit Tokyo! It has been over 6 years since I first went to Japan. I had a blast in both Kyoto and Osaka, but didn't get the chance to go to Tokyo so the big 3-0 was going to be a great time to visit the land of Sushi, Kawaii, Culture, Beauty, Cherry Blossoms, Vintage... okay I need to stop.   

So until then, I'm just going to plan what I want to do. Aside from eating my weight in Japanese food, walking around till I need new shoes and then some.
  • Designer Vintage: I hear that Japan is one of the best places for designer vintage. The silver lining is that I have more time to save money before I go. I'm hoping to find some great archive pieces. 
  • teamLab Borderless: If you haven't seen those light rooms/projection museums then consider yourself an island. I'm not looking forward to the lines but I like immersive art experiences. Like an acid trip without the acid.
  • Gotokuji Temple: Ever seen those lucky white cats statues? Well this Buddhist temple is the home of them!
  • Pokemon Center: Not going to lie I'm going to be on Pokemon Go whilst in Tokyo so why not elevate the experience? My inner 8-year-old is excited.
  • Don Quijote: I want to get lost in a Don Quijote and buy truckloads of random Japanese Skincare, Homegoods and gadgets. I'm thinking it's Daiso and Muji's older much cool sibling.