I am


blazer: DIY/MARTAN - skirt: JW ANDERSON x UNIQLO - bag: CHANEL (s)
(s) = Similar

I’ve tried to put my finger on how I feel at the moment. Deep diving into myself, staying productive and positive. But ultimately what I feel is not dread, fear or frustration, I simply feel like I’m floating. Suspended, unable to take steps but instead given the power of perspective vision. Victoria is under a stage four lockdown which heavily restricts movements and interactions. This is the highest level of lockdown I’ve experienced with COVID-19, and though it is serious I find myself floating. It’s neither positive nor negative, rather a sense of preservation and submission to the current circumstances. This rapid year has been unique and no doubt we will still feel it lingering in the near future. But until then and when things resume a sense of normalcy, I’m simply floating.