A unique


I am unique. Not because I’m particularly special, just because I'm okay with being just that.

Like cliches, stereotypes seem to follow me around. There was a time when I didn’t care about them, I just did me and that was that. Then came a point where I realized that unbeknownst to me that I was ticking all of these stereotypes that I stopped and took note. I was a skinny, fem presenting gay guy who loved fashion and had a sassy voice. I felt lost. By being so many of the perceived stereotypes I believed myself ingenue, that I’d somehow become something I didn’t want to be, that I was somehow fitting some friendly non-confrontational gay best friend mould. 

I spent time dismantling these stereotypes. Being aware of my voice, language, what I wore and how I presented myself. Control at its finest. Once again however I found myself looking in and seeing myself as another stereotype. The plain, beige handsome style gay guy who tries to look more suggestive and mysterious. I was confused. Moving from one set of stereotypes to the next, I felt like I was endlessly running from these checkboxes.

Nowadays I’ve come to realize that these stereotypes are all parts of me. That try as I might I am that stereotypical gay guy who has a ‘passion for fashion’ and who tends to listen to music by female artists, and who will wear women’s clothing, fascinated by make-up and loves to feel his oats with his style. For a long time, I was reinventing myself to find myself and feel special. Not realizing regardless of what I like, do, wear, sound or speak I’ll always be unique.