throwback : 13.11.13


13th November 2013, Marais Boutique, Melbourne

I am not a fanboy. I don't scream or run wild when I see someone famous. Granted when there is someone you find 'uber-cool' sometimes you've got to swallow your pride and get a photo. Because why not?! This was with the model Andreja Pejic #fangirlmoment. I was that awkward turtle who rocks up next to you and asks for a photo. I don't even remember if I said anything, I think something like 'you're so pretty' and then I retorted to my awkward turtle shell.

  • This was at the Linda Farrow 10 Year Anniversary event at the Marais Boutique in Melbourne. 
  • So you know when you take a photo and people are like 'get my good side' this time I did. I learnt early on the sugar is no friend to my skin. I also learnt that I have a real soft spot for chocolate covered pretzels, which is a big thing for someone who doesn't eat chocolate. Fast forward to a week before the event I may have purchased a bag of said chocolate covered pretzels with the aim to have it after the event. I ate them all before and I got one of those massive rooted pimples on my face. So this is the first time I've ever had a good side. And it was super awkward turtle asking for a photo and then maneuvering to get a good side. Vanity at it's finest.  
  • I am not the most appropriate dresser. I'll sacrifice body temp and comfort for the look. I bought this Juun J neoprene bomber jacket from Marais so I thought it would be great to wear it. But again an event full of people, and me in an oversized neoprene bomber jacket. I'm a tinge red not just from the glass of bubbles, just the mere fact that I'm boiling haha.