I am not a dermatologist, expert or guru. However I do have a Face, Skin, Hair, etc... so that makes me a consumer at least. With the mounds of products I want to try and then consequentially buy, I do get to points where I look back and wonder 'was it worth it?'. This is my Edit on products that I either think are GreatSo So and Not for Me. Do not get offended if there's something I don't like that you like, we all have different Faces, Skin, Hair, etc... These are my honest thoughts on the Claims of each product...

The last step in the routine is the humble moisturiser. Something that locks in hydration and goodness. I am rather plain with my choices, opting to be more experimental with my serums and actives. Nevertheless, even in the basic categories, there are plenty to choose from. Here's my latest edit. 

Claim: A rich moisture cream, formulated with a unique blend of green mineral water
Thoughts: This is a nice moisturiser. It reminds of me of those classic creams my parents had, rich and glossy with that spa-like scent. It comes in a nice jar, which I'd rather a pump just for ease and cleanliness, that's me.  
Verdict: To be honest there wasn't anything too memorable about the cream. I didn't have any negative feeling towards it, it just fell my the wayside. 
THE CHEMISTRY BRAND hyaluronic concentrate
Claim: Contains an extraordinarily high concentration of nature-like hyaluronic acid, suspended in a base of skin-supporting red algae and tamarind. Continued use helps retain hydration while enhancing visible texture and delivery of actives
Thoughts: As bougie as this may be, I love using this concentrate to thin out thicker creams and as a conducting gel for my NuFace device. It comes with a massive pump which dispenses just the right amount.  
Verdict: This is a luxury item because I use it in conjunction with other products. Not the best for travel but I love it.
CERAVE facial moisturising lotion PM
Claim: Facial Moisturiser for Sensitive, Dry and Skin Prone to Mild Acne. Moisturises and helps restore the protective skin barrier of the face and neck.
Thoughts: I love that this comes in an airtight pump. The lotion is creamy but it absorbs so quickly, for a PM lotion I use it day and night.
Verdict: I could use this all year round, from formula to packaging it's a winner for me.

NEUTROGENA hydro-boost gel-cream
Claim: Clinically proven to visibly improve skin translucency, firmness, smoothness & plumpness for a natural healthy glow that lasts.
Thoughts: This jar is full of gel-cream goodness. I would love for it to come in a pump for reasons explained previously. But packaging aside I love this as a summer moisturiser and when my skin is feeling sensitive. 
Verdict: Come summer this is my jam. It's a bit annoying to de-pot for travel but aside from that its a fresh gel-cream that leaves my skin nice and plump.
EMBRYOLISSE lait-creme concentrate
Claim: Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre (24-Hour Miracle Cream) is an all-natural hydrating moisturiser enriched with plant extracts and vitamins, to provide the skin with everything it needs to function to the best of its ability
Thoughts: Firstly, metal tubes annoy me. I am all about aesthetics but as someone who likes to squeeze the most out of my products, it turns into a mess. I used this on my face for a while but I found that the texture was a bit too rich for my face, so instead, I use it on my body.  
Verdict: I love this for my body than my face. The milk-like texture is rich enough for my body but a little too much for my face.
LA ROCHE-POSAY lipikar baume AP+
Claim: A lipid-replenishing body cream that is formulated to reduce dryness, restore hydration and comfort to dry or very dry skin
Thoughts: The balm is a hit and a miss. I use this on my elbows, knees, shoulders for intense moisture. If I don't sheer it out with another lotion I find its too heavy for a full body cream. I did find that it's great when it comes to uber dry areas or when my skin has flared up and needs a calm blanket of thick cream.
Verdict: This isn't an everyday cream. I would probably buy a small tube just to keep on hand for those dry or sensitive occasions, that's when it is a lifesaver!