2010 - 2019


Double Digits

When I was growing up there were milestone ages. The first was turning 10. When you turned 10 years old my parents would buy you your first watch. I'm not sure why at 10, but 10 it was. I chose a plain blue swatch watch, and that was that. 10 seems like a big number because it is. It's double digits, it only gets bigger. Triple digits are too far away and to some unattainable so hitting double digits and the next 10 after that always seem to be the best way to mark time.  

I have had this blog for 10 years. When I think of that I first think, damn that was quick. Secondly, I have to physically look back to really see what I've done, seen, felt and captured to fully grasp the moment. They say with anything the key is consistency, and though I've hit 10 years it hasn't come with some lulls in the stories. What can I say it's an imperfect diary of sorts. From Outfits, Travel, Fashion Weeks, Diary Entries and sheer Fun Times, this blog is something that holds me accountable for being me. I don't have the best memory so having this blog helps to rejig my memory when seeing myself in Osaka in a heatwave to dying my hair Pink for less than a day and my countless trips to the beach just to have a conversation with the waves

I started this blog as a late teen, and I'm now at the end of my days of being 29. From someone who struggled with his identity as a Gay Asian-Australian who knew nothing about the world to travelling, partying hard, emersing myself in culture, working hard, getting sick, working hard some more, reading a shitload of books, travelling the world some more, finding friends and love, I look back the richness which I have experienced excited for what the next 10 will have in store (after 2020 haha

2010 - 2019