passport 2020

JANUARY: Esperance, Western Australia



Who needs a Passport in 2020?

So I had this plan to do a lot of international travel in 2020. I was going to make the pilgrimage back to the homeland of China for the first time. My stomach was excited to be in Kuala Lumpur again, refuelling with classics like Kuih, fresh Roti and Ginger Beef Noodles. A sneaky trip to Europe and ending the year with a cheeky flight to Queenstown. 2020 was going to be a lot of suitcases and passport stamps, I even got my passport renewed for it. Then Covid hit... and the passport found a home... well, to be honest, I don't know where it is...

Luckily Australia is a big island, and my state of Victoria has many areas to explore. Even some of our regional plans were put on hold due to various lockdowns and restrictions, but it only reminds me of what we have in our own backyard.

Firstly in January, there was our trip back to Esperance in Western Australia for the beach and family. A great way to start the year with the best weather, beaches and cheeky sausage roll and pie every now and again. I love going back to Esperance every year for that quiet sea change. Stripping everything back to the simple things, hanging out with the family, wearing your comfy clothes and just relaxing.   

So even though my 2020 was supposed to be full of travel, I still managed to get out and about. It may have not been with my passport and a plane (which to my plane phobic self is fine) but with a bit of imagination and research I still managed to find some gems along the way.