Be and Want

For the longest time, I’ve lived with idea of ‘things happen’, ‘go with the flow’, etc... This fluid approach has done me well, adapting where necessary and never being let down. I believe that this was a survival technique I used when I was working and life was go go go. Recently however, I have come to realize that this approach no longer fits into my new lifestyle, my reinvention of self. 

Last year I caved and read The Secret. It was an interesting read. Basically in a nutshell it discusses the idea that to attain/achieve one must put forward what they want in order to receive by verbalizing and communicating it. From recalling the many anecdotes and background ideology it has struck a cord as I have come to realize that I am the complete opposite. I’m that person who puts his head down and makes himself an asset being the glue and not the glitter. The one who doesn’t like to sound like a broken record. Someone who buys what he wants than waiting to receive them. 

If 2020 taught me anything it’s that it’s never too late to try new things, and that the definition of one’s identity is more about ‘I am...’ than any finite notion. So I’m challenging myself to try and integrate some of The Secret wisdom, Law of Attraction or whatever it may be and try to be stronger with my intentions. Want unapologetically and see where that takes me. I have a sneaking suspicion that I have made this intension before. But as I look at my current situation I see it as the clearest option for right now. I can be fluid another day. Today I want.