fave : shower oil

I never paid too much attention to my shower body care. It was always whatever was in the family shower, and then when I moved out I started using baby soap to maintain silky soft skin. I came across this shower oil in one of those L'Occitane sample packs. I wasn't enthused by the pack but was in one of those cleaning out moods when I started to use the shower oil. I had never used a shower oil before and honestly didn't understood how they worked. What I can say is ever since that mini 75ml bottle I make a yearly pilgrimage and buy an eco-refill to ensure I always have soft nourished skin.

After exfoliating, I lather a small 10 cent amount all over my body. The oil when applied to wet skin lathers easily without the unnecessary foam. The oil contains a mix of sweet almond, grapeseed and bergamot and sunflower oil which leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated. The oil has a faint luxurious scent, but it doesn't transfer to the skin. This is my holy grail body product that I always use, whether, at home or travelling, I'll decant some into a pump to maintain my skin's hydration.