My 2020 New Years resolution was to practice gratitude every day. Having come off rather eventful years I knew that 2020 may not be as exciting, starting afresh unemployed with the world as my oyster. I wanted to find the little things in each day rather than just celebrating the big holiday or moment within the year. And though the year didn't go as planned, my resolution turned out to be quite timely. I am someone who enjoys having a diary, but I must admit I have some diaries where I have a few entries then it's blank till the end. This resolution helped fill out my 2020 diary more than any diary in a long time. 

Practising gratitude isn't a new concept. Whether you subscribe to Oprah, Spiritual Leaders, Goop or even your own mindful self, there are no true rules with practising gratitude, the main point for me was to keep up the daily practice. I bought myself a diary from Muji which had adequate space for daily entries and every night I would write down 5 things that I was grateful for. They could be literal things or feelings I had, but I couldn't repeat something for the sake of it

In the beginning, I found it tough. Finding 5 different things to be grateful for each day was not easy, mainly because I wasn't looking in the right places. I was so used to seeing the bigger picture, the impressive flashy things I couldn't really see or feel the little joys around me. Whether it be a Sleep in with the Mister, Zoom Call with Friends or Spending time alone sitting with myself, I came to realise throughout the year all the many things that make me happy and grateful. The majority were in acts or feelings rather than attaining or being somewhere.

Now that the year is done, I've decided to continue the practice as a way to keep myself in check. It is a great way to remind myself to slow down and take a breath. So now I have replaced my 2020 Muji diary for my 2021 Collins Debden diary for another year of gratitude practice. I find writing my notes down a great way to take a meditative moment off my phone/computer to reflect and write. I house the diary in my Montblanc organiser so whether I travel or move about I always have my diary and pen on hand. Through my practice, I have learnt to find gratitude in everything I do rather than in the big waves that come and go.