Here we go Again
But this time...

(s) Similar

The most I can ever be is myself. That self is ever-growing and changing. With all the uncertainty in my world let alone the greater, I am learning every day to make sure I’m in touch with myself. I believe that my body and spirit are two beings, and when they work together that’s when the true magic happens. My spirit is the energy that is made up of my wants and dreams while my body is the physical vessel in which I strive to achieve them. It has been nearly a year since the first lockdown in Melbourne and we’re in the middle of a mini one. The irony this time is that I find myself feeling threatened than the first. Last year I welcomed the slowdown, it aligned with my need to rest and relax. But now as a new year passes I want to take charge and flourish outside of the confines of my home. No longer wanting to float, I want to walk if not run. 

Rather than get frustrated I open my hands and let go. Anxiety, fear and negativity be gone. Allowing my spirit and body to realign. When I used to do Aikido I was taught that an open palm has charged energy and that a closed fist holds nothing. Like in the book An Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer the idea of the best protection is to be open to allow things in but most importantly out. The most I can do is be myself. Lockdown or not.