meet : lee alexander mcqueen

My favourite Designer, meet Lee Alexander McQueen

I honestly do not remember when I first came across Alexander McQueen. It was definitely around the time when his iconic skulls where on scarves, jewellery and logos. Before Lady Gaga donned Plato Atlantic his collection in the Bad Romance music video. I remember my Dad not taking a liking to anything skulls and to be honest so did I, but I was fascinated with this designer that managed to make such a dark symbol seem so tortured and yet elegant. I have done quite a bit of research on Lee Alexander McQueen. From his early years at Central Saint Martins to working in Milan and Seville Row, the man had a natural skill for patternmaking and construction. Controversial with subject matters and merging art with fashion, McQueen's work was always seen to rather alternative but the garments seemed highly wearable. McQueen had a stint at Givenchy, cementing his reputation as a strong creative force in Fashion. To this day I vividly remember when I found out that Lee Alexander McQueen died. I was in a club and I was bored so I got on my blackberry to check Twitter when the news broke. I never knew the guy but I was taken aback by the news. The tragic story of a tremendous talent cut too short. To this day I have one of his last De-Manta clutch bags from his time at the brand. I used to have one of those black and white skull silk scarves that I bought from Selfridges after my time studying abroad. The brand still exists today under the guise of colleague Sarah Burton who has taken the brand towards a more folk, feminine aesthetic. But the McQueen codes are still there, challenging and beautifully cut pieces with stories to tell.