meet : dion lee

Growing up in Australia I always looked abroad for fashion and inspiration. Dion Lee was one of those exceptions to that rule. He was one of the first designers that I bought ready-to-wear from. Think, if some of the greats like Mugler, McQueen, Sander, and Margiela were blended into a fashion smoothie you'd get Dion Lee. Defined as industrial and luxurious, Lee's designs have always been 'cool girl/boy chic' from Bondage-like Leather, Thermal Print, and now unisex pieces featuring his famous corset designs. Lee started in 2009 in Australia and now shows in New York, taking his brand from the local runways to the international stages and stores. I've always got a soft spot for Lee's work, he has inspired me when I started this blog and still inspires me to get fit and in shape to wear a sleeveless corset rib top.