Tough as Nails
or at least that's the goal

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No one talks about Resilience. Or Taxes for that matter. 

I am building myself from the ground up, or at least it feels like that. It's funny that I haven't felt truly affected by what's happening around the world up and until I want to join it. Having taken my time to unwind and decompress from a hectic work schedule, it's time for me to get back into the thick of it. It's, unfortunately, easier said than done with more competition and fewer opportunities I feel like I'm auditioning for an elusive spot on drag race. The frustration goes back to being in control and my love to be in the driver's seat, or at least in the front. Knockbacks and disappointments seem to be a bit of the theme currently, though I'm trying to balance my perspectives with some worldly context. What I'd like to believe is that wherever I end up next or opportunities are afforded to me are for me and not against me. That this like a year in lockdown is a lesson that is not passive but something I have to face head-on. To get wet, graze my skin, feel the rush of being unapologetically myself. To come out of it or at least to come with a prize a stronger person.