fave : moisturiser

NEUTROGENA hydro boost gel cream

I believe a Moisturiser is supposed to be the following things. Hydrating (duh), Plays nice with others and it's Tacky and doesn't Break the Bank. It is actually one of those key things I don't like to try too many different kinds. A good moisturiser should be able to seal all those yummy serums and such without much hassle. I hate the feeling of touching my face an hour after application and it's still tacky, which I tend to get with a lot of those more expensive and hyper nourishing types. Cut to Hydro Boost by Neutrogena and in particular the Gel Cream. No fragrance, Hydrates, No Tackiness and it's cheap (and goes on sale frequently) Need I say more?! I wish it did come in a pump for hygiene and all, but I just decant it myself. Yes, I put in a further effort to decant it into a pump because it's worth it.