This is my current Shower/Body Routine

There is no greater ritual than the shower. As someone who cannot sleep or re-enter my bed unless I've showered, I've come to enjoy the moment to wash off the day (or run) to feel fresh. This routine includes everything I do for my hair and body. I will shower every day, but I've learnt to shower my hair every three days (you know being long and all). My shower/body vibe is all about nourishing with ingredients that don't strip but rather replenish.

STEP 1: Shampoo

STEP 2: Conditioner

STEP 3: Body Wash

Moisturising Shampoo Bar

I'm loving this shampoo bar. I simply rub the bar over wet hair to cleanse both my hair and scalp.
Restorative Treatment Mask

I apply a small amount of mask applied to the ends leaves my hair soft and easy to comb.

Skin Relief Body Wash

Oat Body Wash + Exfoliating Gloves = Soothing Smooth Skin Wonders.

STEP 4: Lactic
STEP 5: Moisturiser

STEP 6: Oil

Squalane + Lactic Acid Serum

Out of the shower I use this serum on my upper arms to avoid chicken skin and ingrown hairs.

Skin Relief Moisturiser

Two Pumps, one for my lower body and the other, you guessed it if for my upper body.

Skin Oil

To seal the deal I apply a small amount of oil around my Elbows, Knees, and Shoulders.