I want an alternative. So my running theme of paired shoes continues. Honestly, it is not super intentional but I tend to want then buy the same shoe. Mainly because I enjoy an aspect of the shoe, whether it be the look or the comfort and that age-old saying 'if it ain't broke...' well you know the rest. The past year my shoe wardrobe has sat dormant because let's face it do you need to wear thigh-high boots to the bathroom? The only time I really wore something fancy was for my birthday in Bright when I wore my Margiela Tabi Heeled boots. Little did I realize that my feet are no longer used to the variety of footwear I own but instead have turned into picky children that don't like feeling uncomfortable. Since I have really only worn runners and slippers alas my feet want what they want. So I pose my feet with this option. A favourite style, in a comfortable design. Because let's be real, the days of a daily rotating shoe wardrobe are good as gone.