Goodbye Greys.

I didn’t dread hitting 30. I actually embraced it as a new beginning. What I have yet to embrace however are my grey hairs. Since the Panda-Rama I’ve noticed slivers of grey hair peeking through more and more. And as someone who is embracing my black hair instead of bleach or blonde, I’d like to maintain my dark appeal. 

Going down the road of hair colour again, I wanted something that worked but also wasn’t pain like hair dye can be. Especially dark hair dye. In my first apartment, I remember the stains in both my sink and bath from the one time I dyed my hair back to black. It was not the vibe. 

So I tried the ever so archaic Just for Men and it worked. Somehow the dye doesn’t cling to anything but the lighter hairs so you don’t feel like you’ve painted your hair some artificial colour. But dare I say my soul cringed when I was shopping for one of those cheesy looking box treatments. Am I Black Noir or Jet Black? Why do those models always look overtly Stepford?!  

Anyway, this time around I was sent this product by Brite, a henna infused hair dye. The product can be used in so many different ways but for me, I simply apply it and let it sit (gloves are recommended, but I’m lazy) After I’ll start with conditioner followed by Shampoo and it covers my Greys without too much fuss.  Brite has a big range of Dye's, Toners, Masques, you name it. They are also Vegan, Ethically led and Cruelty-Free. 

Goodbye Greys. Until next time.