Slinky, Yo-Yo, Elastic

top: JUUN J / shorts: H&M / boots: ZARA 

I'm butterflying. 
Does that even make sense? 

After 10 Months of Rest, Cocooning, Bubbling, Yoga, Zen, Recharging, Unemployment, you name it, I am now Employed. I know big whoop whoop!

Let us revisit the scene. I left my job at the end of 2019 sighting the need for a change, you know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know you shouldn't be here, well that was me. The plan was to recharge and travel in the first half of 2020... bless. So instead I decided to take what would turn into 300+ days of lockdown as a forced time to rest and reassess myself. My Life, Choices, Links, etc... That question of what makes me.. well me? What shapes my opinion of the world, culture, and self. From becoming that person who has to consume the news first thing, to having the time to indulge with cult classics like the Golden Girls. I wanted to take advantage if not tick off my lockdown bucket list. 

Once I ticked that list off, that's when things got a bit dicey. I can say this now, but I know for myself I am a person who balances both 'Working to Live' and 'Living to Work'. I would like to say that I 'Work to Live' but I would be lying. The best thing about working now, and yes it is new so things might change down the line but I am enjoying being able to apply things learnt from my rest period. Whether it be breathing and controlling my stress. Being confident in my skills regardless of how long of a break I have had. All the things I have had time to focus on are now coming to life. Like what I said. I am Butterflying.