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I went to the beach... well Apollo Bay to be exact

Having no true plans to travel this year due a combination of low savings and free time, I instead opted for a mini road
trip. True to form the only areas I wanted to go to were by the coast; quiet and secluded. The waves being the only noise
pollution, which is a welcome change from the cars, planes and sheer urban occupancy. What I love and miss about any type
of travel is that all that flying, driving or dare I say sailing helps to ground your spirit, opening both yours eyes and mind to a
 new and greater perspective. Being notorious for seeking growth and satisfying my own curiosity I like that a change
 of scenery helps to show us both what is out there and what we currently have. To miss either end of the spectrum 
helps to guide future plans and decisions. Sitting on the beach watching the waves breathe as the wind plays with my unkept
hair, there is nothing more peaceful and nourishing as that.

Where do I find myself now? - I have begun to catch on that I seem to come off very lost, almost searching each post for a 
new development that it is becoming a personal signature of sorts. So I thought I would jump the gun and acknowledge it, 
and lead into my latest life, self, probably just another philosophical rant. But food for thought nonetheless for reflection. 
I find myself in a phase where I have the desire to learn. Not just about random facts or trivia, instead about things which
 directly affect my life. From health to general wellbeing and more. I have learnt to take control not just of myself (which 
you would think sounds a tad bit stupid) but instead of a control of my understanding of how everything works. The 
mechanics, the ins and and outs. It amazes me how much we all and myself included don't take advantage of the knowledge 
around us. We live in a information rich society and yet assumptions formulate the basis of majority of our thoughts and 
opinions. Again just food for thought. My current quest to strip everything down to the finer detail. Knowledge is power.

The taste of saltwater in the breeze refreshes my mind and allows me to escape just for a moment. Clearing out all of my 
thoughts in a somewhat momentary deep meditative state. Taking time out is important to readjust so that you can reenter 
life with gusto and more drive than before. A reset or a recharge... a clean clear slate or sorts. 
For more discoveries down the track.

photos: krystal
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