I : Temple Architecture - Lost in the Bamboo Grove
II : Eating Oodles and Oodles of Udon - Golden Temple
III : Geisha spotting in Gion - A Room with a View
IV : Beautiful Temple Lanterns - More Bamboo Grove
V : Too many Temples - Many a Green Tea Dessert

It has been a year since my trip to Japan. Having already made a post on what 
to do in Osaka, I forgot to publish my post on Kyoto. A bit of a flashback, but 
nonetheless I'm reflecting. Kyoto is a great place to see a lot of Japan's traditional
culture. Taking time out away from the big city Kyoto offers an escape from
the hustle.

My Kyoto To-Do List

Arashiyama Bamboo Grove : This is my kind of Natural Attraction. Perfectly manicured
paths throughout the forest allow you to wander around enjoying the clean aesthetic of
the green Bamboo. 

KinKaku-Ji Golden Pavilion : Covered in gold leaf, the Buddhist Zen Temple is a definite
sight to see. It is a very popular tourist attraction, but definitely worth the wait.

Gion District + Minamiza Theatre : Fans of Memoir of a Geisha or just Geishas will love
this district. Come nightfall you can catch the Geisha shuffle past in their traditional kimono. 
The Minamiza Theatre is hard to miss whilst in Kyoto. The large building is the primary 
Kabuki Theatre in Japan.  

Food : Green Tea Ice-Cream, Pudding, Sundaes... I could go on. On the way to Arashimyama
(granted everywhere) there are many cafes that specialise in all kinds of Green Tea sweets. I 
love a good Japanese Green tea, so all of these treats were right up my alley. For something
more filling classic Ramen/Udon Bars are my favourite meal places. Simple and yet so 
addictive I never got tired with the selections. Give me soft noodles and a good broth any day.

photos: martan

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