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This Week, I turn 25... cue the melodramatic soundtrack

Until now I never really cared about turning over a new number. I have always said that I pride myself 
with all of my Achievements and Progressions. I don't limit myself with what others do or what should be done. 
I listen to my Gut, Heart and Head. Turning 25 strikes a chord as it really signifies a move from
 my Youth into my Adulthood. The checkbox on those medical forms moves onto the next set and more of 
those social responsibilities and expectations begin to tie itself onto you like a bad smell. 

Life experience has no age requirement and therefore I have live with the passion to exist, grow and learn. 
I recently stumbled across this quote by Oprah stating that 'We cannot become what we need to be by 
remaining what we are' It sounds very wishy washy to a cavalier mind however it has both affirmed help 
me make peace with the idea of Age. As we leave behind the Numbers and Memories, the most you can ever
do is to use it as fuel to drive what is next and to what can happen instead of what could have happened.

photos: michael

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