I Want, I Think, I Research and then I Do

It was back in 2012 when I brought my first faux Septum. At that point I had also had my ears
 pierced... the experience was less to be desired. Applying that same anxiety towards my Nose, 
I thought it was best to try to fake it before I truly made that commitment. Here is my quick
rundown about how I got mine. **everyones septum experience may vary

How is it Done?
Not to get into the full specifics, but it involves a Qualified Piercer, a rather Sharp Needle, Nose
 Ring or Horseshoe and the Willpower to stay perfectly Still.

Does it Hurt?
My Piercer told me that the key is to find the 'sweet spot'. By no means was it painless, though it 
was not as bad as I thought. I felt a hot sharp burning sensation. It was more confronting looking 
down and seeing a large rod sticking out of each nostril...  it wasn't the look I was going for.

Saline Solution and a Keen Eye to keep the septum clean. I didn't have too many issues with it. 
Just a matter of getting used to it. Avoid unnecessary touching and leave the current piercing for 
6-8 weeks.

Flipping it?
The best thing about this piercing is that you have the choice whether to show or hide it. Depending
on the size of the piercing it only takes an Inhale, Pinch of the Nostrils and a little Push. Work and
Play at the Flip of a Horseshoe.
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