KILT:  alexander mcqueen (similar)  .  SUNGLASSES:  rayban .  BOOTS:  balenciaga (similar)

Listen and you will Learn
Create so you can Reflect
You never need to Defend your Truth

I like Words and Sayings... you know... the whole world of Cliches.
Maybe its because I'm doing more Yoga, which means I'm doing more Soul Searching...
This year I plan to take things Slower. Taking the time to analyse and refine everything I do. 
Creating affirmations as I go, no longer waiting for the end of the year to reflect and compose.
As we grow and change it is only natural for habits to follow suit. Sometimes it takes a shift in
 perspective to make you revisit and challenge everything. The thought of living stagnant scares 
me more than the risk of change, whether it be positive or negative. Things change, how we adjust
to that is our true measure of character. Pretending that everything can be the same forever is the
 greatest con of them all.

photos: natalie
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