MOSCHINO hoodie  .  ALEXANDRE VAUTHIER asymmetric  .  JW ANDERSON ruffled asymmetric
DKNY asymmetric  .  GIVENCHY buttoned  .  CHARLIE MAY knitted wrapped

S*^t hit the fan when Jaden Smith was announced as a star in Louis Vuitton's Series 4 Ad Campaign... in a Skirt. 
The Media went a buzz with this announcement with responses of both Cheer and Shock Horror. I think is it important 
to note that Smith is no way styled like a girl/woman, he is indeed wearing a skirt but he does not come off as cross dresser
or feminine in anyway. Smith is no stranger to wearing Skirts and has worn them previously in Public and notably to his
 Prom. Other noted male figures like Kanye West, Marc Jacobs and Jared Leto have also worn skirts in Public pushing the 
boundaries of what Guys can wear and ultimately the idea of Masculinity. Personally I have experimented with Skirts too,
 from the classic Kilt to a more common box Skirt. It is simply another option available and a growing piece in amongst
some men in the world.

We live in a World with greater Choice and Labels, which at times cause great controversy when they are mixed. Social 
Constructs designed to help stereotype each other do us a disservice as they do not allow for free expression and therefore
cause fear and hatred when things are presented in an unorthodox way. I don't believe everyman and his dog will ever don
 a Skirt, however there is slow movement towards this latest piece and I am taking stock. The best way for a guy to shop a 
Skirt is to choose a cut that work for your body type and will match your wardrobe. That and the Confidence that at the end
 of the day a Skirt is just another piece of fabric you wear to cover your body. Nothing crazy about that now... really 


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