The desire for More is a tricky Tightrope. Sometimes you have to wait for things to fall into place
 before you get what you want, however if you're too slow an opportunity could disappear before its
 realised. You never want to want something so bad, because in a way that can work against you. 
The fateful balance that is life. I have always found myself curious to want more. Not to be greedy
but to always challenge myself and with that comes changes. It is healthy to be ambitious and to be 
motivated by it. Granted at times you can feel like an idiot in those awkward 'waiting for the puzzle
 pieces to finally fit' moments but its always worth going through. Sometimes it doesn't always pay 
off, expectations can be either met or missed, but isn't that apart of the allure in the first place?

I used to be someone who committed my entire being towards everything I wanted, think those
 reality competitions with those overbearing contestants. Yes admittedly I was like one of them. 
I always thought that if I wanted things hard enough and push it to the limit that I would succeed.
 What I didn't know in my Youth was that all comes down to that fine balance. Working hard within
 reason whilst also having faith that things do take time to happen. Control what can be controlled 
and let the rest fall into place. Work Smart not Hard. The confidence that comes from from being
confident is a valuable tool in all facets of life. Something I am learning all too much currently.

photos: michael
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