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Amongst all my Cliches, the one word I currently overuse currently is... Transition

At the start of the year I was taking stock, looking into everything and really choosing between what's
worth it and what is really ready for a refresh. With conscious effort as well as a bit of savvy I have
managed to really shake things up. The biggest shift is that I am in the midst of a career change.
Having spent the bulk of my working years in Retail and Supply Chain I am transitioning into Marketing,
something which I studied but never really saw myself in until recently. Having studied Communication 
PR/Media I completed my course burnt out and with the desire to try new things. I never really took it
seriously as a profession until recently or even realised the strong foundations that I had developed.
It's all about a Refresh and seeing things in a different light. Last year was all about Learning from it all, 
whilst now its really working with it and taking things Forward and Beyond. You leave behind what's  
unnecessary, ensuring that in the transition you leave a thin veil to cover all that's important. 


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