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When I was younger I was not proud. I was not comfortable in my own skin. I harboured secrets that 
I didn't understand or want to. I hated that I was different, that I seemed normal but I knew that to others 
was not. I didn't like people to ask questions or have assumptions. I began experimenting with my style 
and found that I preferred to let my style answer any questions. I rathered people come to their own 
conclusions from the image I created. It was easier to be made fun of my clothes than who I was as
a person. My style was my suit of armour. Comic relief for others but a protection for my soul. I could 
cope with someone abusing me for what I wore, as by the end of the day I could always change clothes.
I could be anyone I wanted, and hide from anything I didn't want to show or be.

Now I am much older and I am proud. I understand myself and choose my purpose from my creation. 
I no long dress to inform people, to make it easier for people to 'suss me out'. I am comfortable and confident 
in my own skin to be whoever and where whatever without the fear to please or conform. I have accepted my 
creation, but not the situation which people like me find ourselves in the world. I do not see fault in our existence.
 I am Gay man living in this worldI write this not to 'come out', but to remind everyone that we exist like everyone
else to simply live and love. We should not have to live in fear or worry about potential hate and violence. 
Recent world events highlight the unfortunate inequality towards the LGBT community which is often forgotten, 
ignored or trivialized by the media. We live in a world of such vast difference and yet we all cannot support or live 
to accept a difference based on something a pure as Love. 

 Love is Love is Love is Love.

photos: natalie

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