My take on exercise is that it has to easily integrate with my lifestyle, be effective and benefit my mind, body and spirit... 
that and facilitate world peace. I never really got into the whole gym fit mindset, not to knock it but I don't like that heavy
 reliance people can have on the gym. I have tried my fair share of exercise routines. Aside from actually joining a gym you 
name it I probably bought it tried it and never stuck to it. I prefer to lead a lifestyle that encourages activity so its not such a 
chore. A year ago I tried Yoga, having procrastinated for months I finally bit the bullet and tried out my first class... online. 
I was introduced to the large community of online yoga courses available. To be honest I was quite surprised at the amount 
of choice, it is definitely much more convenient to be able to practice a class on your own time.

Here is my quick rundown:

I purchased my first Yoga Mat from the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration. Aside from that I bought a yoga block
 (which I hardly use), but all you really need is a good Mat. You can purchase Yoga clothing but since I do it at home a 
good pair of running shorts... or underwear works. You don't want to wear too much clothing because it can impair the 
accuracy of your poses.

Practice makes Perfect. A lot of the basics are relatively straightforward. It is all about developing the movement with
 the breath and working to deepen and strengthen each pose. I spent a good few months going through all of the beginner
 sessions to develop my confidence to advance to longer and more difficult classes. There are some difficult positions like
 Crow Pose or Inversions which I don't really attempt... I think those are best learnt at a physical class to ensure safety.
 Once your body becomes more receptive to the practice it becomes more of a release than a hard exercise. Personally I 
like the Sessions that target either digestion/core, strength and balance. 

I try to practice around 3-5 times a week, 20-30 Minute sessions. The sessions are comprehensive including a warm up 
to the actual poses and then a wind down. One of my favourite Yogi's always says that 'A little goes a long way' which is 
true of Yoga. It's not about speed or the weight, it is about developing our inner strength and alignment. They are some
 weeks when I am too busy or not feeling up to it, but unlike the gym where you could loose a bicep in a few weeks you 
can definitely come back to routine practice quite easily.

After a year of practice I am hooked. My body looks more leaner and toned (which is a big deal when you are inheritably
 skinny as I am) and aside from the physical benefits it is such a great way to decompress from any stress and anxiety. It 
definitely attributes to a more zen lifestyle.

I have tried a fair few Yogi's but my two favourite sites/Yogi's are: Yoga with Adrienne and Do You Yoga. Both sites have 
a great range of classes for different levels and targeted areas. With that being said it definitely down to how you prefer 
to learn. I like to learn with calm guidance and mild chatter, whilst I know others may prefer a very peppy intense style.
 Each to their own.

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